Political Postmortem

Just before the first polls closed at 7 p.m. Eastern on Election Day, I tweeted my predictions on what would transpire the rest of the evening. In chronological order, behold my electoral prophesizing:

Beginning at the top, I predicted that Democrats would gain 11 seats in the House of Representatives. They picked up eight. As for the United States Senate, I thought the party of Jefferson and Jackson would gain three seats by flipping Indiana and Massachusetts and then caucusing with the newly elected Angus King of Maine. They did just that but also won North Dakota, thanks to Heidi Heitkamp pulling off a stunning upset.

As for the all-important Electoral College, I predicted President Barack Obama would be reelected with 303 votes, winning Colorado but narrowly losing Florida; he won both for a robust 332 vote tally. Most impressively, I forecasted POTUS earning exactly 51% of the popular vote. After 123,714,407 total ballots were cast, he won 50.6%. Finally, as a native Wisconsinite, I tweeted that Barack Obama would win the Badger State by at least four percentage points—he won it by a whopping 6.7%, 52.8-46.1, the proverbial cherry on top of an über-tasty Election Day sundae.

My Dear

As happens from time-to-time I forget to mention a show that is undoubtedly excellent enough to be ranked amongst my favorite current programs. So it was with CBS’ new wicked-good procedural Elementary. After much reflection and deliberation, I’ve deduced it should be placed in the ninth position, betwixt Fringe and The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, that drops Boardwalk Empire (at least for now) out of the rankings—something that never would have happened after such a sterling debut season.

My updated list:


1. Homeland
2. Breaking Bad
3. Mad Men
4. The Good Wife
5. Person of Interest
6. The Newsroom
7. Burn Notice
8. Fringe
9. Elementary
10. The Walking Dead
11. SVU

Overheard , , ,

An old man sitting on a bench, smoking, to me on roller blades: “Speed up!”

“I’m such a stalker . . . I just found his wife.”

At an area Quiznos: “I’m not sure what gout is but it sounds bad.”

“You got a ticket in the mail but we paid for it so just throw it away.”

At National Airport: “Even castration doesn’t work.”

“I never really experienced that, men being turned on by me sexually. Except when I was in Key West . . .”

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