Postmortem: Sterling Sharpe

If there is such a thing as a fantasy football safety net, Frozen Tundra, for me, is it. It’s a league that, year-after-year, I never fail to do well. Always the penultimate draft of the season it takes place on the Tuesday before the first game of the NFL season. A day after my high-stress and vaunted keeper league, Lambeau Field, and immediately preceding its mirror image, Title Town. Starting lineup consists of a QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, FLEX, K, DEF—the same exact schematic as Lambeau—with the lack of penalty for incomplete passes the only minor scoring difference between the two leagues. And even this season when not everything clicked with my squad, I still finished in a tie for first place and with the most total points.

Alas the playoffs didn’t go nearly as well. I lost in the first round for only the second time in nine years. (Those other seven have seen me win three titles, finish second thrice and record one third place finish.)

I was again happy with my draft (just like with Snuffleupagus Yahoo! bestowed upon me an A+) but a trio of players utterly failed to live up to expectations: St. Louis Rams rookie wideout Tavon Austin and New Orleans Saints duo Darren Sproles and Lance Moore, both of whom I counted on to team up with my first round pick, Drew Brees. If only one third of them had come through I most likely would have advanced further in the postseason.

Editor’s Note: For those who missed previous installments of the Postmortem Series, please use this link to see how my other teams fared in 2013.

Team Name: Sterling Sharpe

Record: 9-5 (1 of 12)

Points: 1,586.42 (1 of 12)

Playoff Result: Quarterfinal loss, 119.22-111.87

History: Ninth season

Championships: Three (2012, 2008, 2005)

(Other) Top 3 Finishes: Second (2009, 2007, 2006), Third (2011)

Previous Year Results: Fifth in 2010





Pts For

Pts Agnst




*1 Red Dragons 9-5-0 1548.28 1352.41 W-1 11 29
*2 Weeb 8-6-0 1479.24 1479.68 L-2 10 42
*3 Blaggards 8-6-0 1516.76 1442.97 L-2 1 8
*4 WellyWorld 7-7-0 1377.26 1333.94 W-2 12 33
*5 Sterling Sharpe 9-5-0 1586.42 1473.96 W-3 9 33
*6 the mystackles 8-6-0 1450.60 1335.87 W-1 6 22
*7 Discount DoubleChick 7-7-0 1409.40 1494.92 L-1 2 7
*8 MonstersRBack 7-7-0 1416.84 1500.02 W-2 8 25
9 Gronkenstein Returns 6-8-0 1461.07 1495.12 W-2 7 40
10 Bear Necessities 6-8-0 1359.26 1468.09 L-1 4 10
11 AH shotgun offense 5-9-0 1309.64 1471.14 L-3 3 13
12 Suck My Ditka 4-10-0 1401.92 1468.57 L-7 5 22


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