This Week in Fantasy Football

What a weird week! Between the injuries to top players—Jamaal Charles, A.J. Green, Ryan Mathews, and Knowshown Moreno all went down early in their games, providing owners very little production and even less solace—and the lack of consistent offense in the early games, fantasy production was way down compared to the first week of the season. To wit the combined point totals for my 11 teams:

Week 1: 1,677.6
Week 2: 1,391.1

Here are how my squads fared in Week 2:

Green Bay Gamblers (1-1)           Loss: 67.31-57.32
Sterling Sharpe (1-1)                     Win: 109.25-80.62
Brc (1-1)                                              Loss: 139-126
Snuffleupagus (1-0-1)                   Win: 137-101
TR’s Peepers (1-1)                           Win: 142.64-109.54
Pangaea (1-3)                                    Win/Loss: 108-107, 140-108
Valley Forge (2-0)                           Win: 104.2-66.3
GBG (2-0)                                           Win: 79-61
Fuzzy Dunlop (0-2)                         Loss: 163-125
The Taco Stand (1-1)                       Loss: 133.08-109.44
Unironic Witty Name (2-0)         Win: 175.26-150.84

Week 2 record: 7-5. Overall: 13-10-1 (.563)

Still Unbeaten: Snuffleupagus, Valley Forge, GBG, and Unironic Witty Name
Yet to Win: Fuzzy Dunlop

Not too much drama this week in the individual matchups, save a narrow one point win (108-107) for Pangaea that was only so close because the diminutive—and oh so dynamic!—Darren Sproles put up a whopping 33 points when he was only projected to tally 12.5.

The weekly hardware:

Player of the Week: Jordy Nelson. Honorable mention goes to his gunslinging quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but Nelson takes top the top award for tallying 35, 37, 26.90, and 42.40 points (for Brc, Snuffleupagus, TR’s Peepers, and Unironic Witty Team Name, respectively) and—most importantly—leading those teams to a 3-1 record.

Goat of the Week: No one in particular directly cost me a win, but my entire Green Bay Gamblers squad (57.32 points) absolutely stunk!

Team of the Week: TR’s Peepers. Needing a win in the highly competitive auction league, this squad tallied a league-high 142.64 points—a whopping 37.02 points more than any other team. They were led by Rodgers, Nelson, and Sproles (him again!) who scored 34.64, 26.90, and 23.80 points, respectively. Only three players (including Packers running back Eddie Lacy) failed to reach their projected point total.

Pure Genius: This week’s inspired move goes to . . . starting Arizona Cardinals placekicker Chandler Catanzaro over his colleague from Minnesota, Blair Walsh. The latter tallied only one point (a mere PAT) while Catanzaro kicked one extra point and also added field goals from 49, 37, 32, and 33 yards—all of which were sorely needed in Pangaea’s one point win.

What was I thinking?!: One decision I’d like to have back: Benching Brandon Marshall. That sounds harsh—the only reason I sat him was because he was playing on Sunday night and (un)reliable sources told me he wouldn’t suit up—but no matter how he got there he wasn’t in my lineup. Thankfully that didn’t cost me a win (the 20 point differential between he and New Orleans wideout Brandin Cooks still would have left me a few points short of victory) but it is a lesson I won’t soon forget: trust your studs—even if they are playing on one leg.

Pickup of the Week: Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams. (Eight of 11 leagues including every single Yahoo! team.)

Drop of the Week: Arizona Cardinals wideout John Brown (six teams).

Lambeau Field update: Oy. After topping the league in points in Week 1, I scored a paltry 57.32. Of my 10 starters—Matt Ryan, Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Brandin Cooks, Pierre Thomas, Jamaal Charles, Dennis Pitta, Matt Forte, Stephen Gostkowski, and Seattle—only the Patriots kicker (14 compared to 8.71) scored more than projected. For historical reference, that is the lowest points I’ve scored in a week since I managed only 38.67 in Week 9 . . . in 2011!

Who Went Where

A position-by-position breakdown of my 11 fantasy football drafts:

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers* (4), Matthew Stafford (2), Matt Ryan (2), Philip Rivers (2), Carson Palmer (2), Johnny Manziel (2), Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger

Running Back: Ray Rice* (6), Shane Vereen (3), Pierre Thomas (3), Knowshown Moreno (3), Terrance West (3), Devonta Freeman (3), Jamaal Charles** (2), LeSean McCoy (2), Matt Forte* (2), Stevan Ridley (2), Ryan Mathews (2), Khiry Robinson (2), Eddie Lacy, Arian Foster, Montee Ball, Giovani Bernard, C.J. Spiller, Zac Stacy, Reggie Bush, Joique Bell, Rashad Jennings, Darren Sproles, Jeremy Hill, Danny Woodhead, James Starks

Wide Receiver: Brandin Cooks (6), John Brown (6), Jarrett Boykin (5), Jordy Nelson (4), Randall Cobb* (4), Torrey Smith (4), Calvin Johnson* (3), Wes Welker (3), Golden Tate (3), Jordan Matthews (3), Reggie Wayne (2), Sammy Watkins (2), Markus Wheaton (2), Cody Latimer (2), Demaryius Thomas*, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Vincent Jackson, Victor Cruz, Michael Floyd, Emmanuel Sanders, T.Y. Hilton, Josh Gordon, Kendall Wright, Mike Evans, Terrance Williams, Steve Smith, Sr., Justin Hunter, Davante Adams, Tavon Austin, Danny Amendola, Santonio Holmes

Tight End: Dennis Pitta (6), Zach Ertz (3), Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen, Jason Witten, Dwayne Allen, Jace Amaro

Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski (2), Matt Bryant (2), Phil Dawson (2), Blair Walsh (2), Mason Crosby, Chandler Catanzaro

Defense: Green Bay (9), Seattle (2), San Francisco (2), Denver (2), St. Louis (2), Carolina, Cincinnati, Arizona

*Denotes keeper

And Then There Were Forty

Stay alive and advance: that’s my mantra for the Survival Pool, now entering its 11th season. To pay tribute to the most drama-filled fantasy sport of them all—and by far the most popular of my gambits—I will provide a weekly update of this terrific enterprise. For those unfamiliar this is how it works: You pick one NFL team every week. If they win, you stay in. If they lose, you’re out. You cannot pick the same team twice.

We started with 66 entries—if everyone ponies up it adds up a robust $1,320 booty for a modest $20 pay-in—and 17 teams were eliminated in Week 1. Here is how the Week 2 selections broke down:

Most Popular (Successful) Choice: Denver and Green Bay (18)
Most Popular (Unsuccessful) Choice: New Orleans and Tampa Bay (3)
Least Popular (Successful) Choice: New England (1)
Least Popular (Unsuccessful) Choice: Seattle and Tennessee (1)

One person forgot to choose a team so after just two weeks we are down to 40 active participants.


Follow my quest for fantasy football dominance—including the highs and lows of such a dynamic and distressing hobby—on Twitter: @nicholasjonwood.

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