This Week in Fantasy Football

When I wrote last week that the tide that was beginning to turn in my pursuit of fantasy football dominance, it was based more on an internal feeling than external statistics. Now I have both. Week 7 saw me post a 9-3 mark—easily the best this season, and my most impressive showing since Week 8 of last year—that turned around the fortunes of a few franchises and further emboldened all the others. My overall record is finally back over the .500 mark and if the season ended today I’d make the playoffs in a respectable—if not personally satisfying—8 of 11 leagues.

A team-by-team breakdown of the week that was:

Team Result Record Streak Standing Points For
Green Bay Gamblers 91.64-78.29 2-5 Won 1 Eighth 731.76
Sterling Sharpe 105.27-97.57 4-3 Won 3 Sixth 718.53
Brc 178-121 4-2 Won 4 Third 1,050
Snuffleupagus 150-107 4-2-1 Won 1 Second 934
TR’s Peepers 97.92-89.90 3-4 Loss 1 Sixth 771.06
Pangaea 163-112, 163-106 5-9 Won 3 Tenth 1,650
Valley Forge 102.6-65 2-5 Lost 5 Tenth (Last) 565.6
GBG 104-91 4-3 Won 1 Seventh 524
Fuzzy Dunlop 184-120 5-2 Won 5 Second 1,179
The Taco Stand 156.72-118.82 2-5 Lost 3 Twelfth 817.60
Unironic Witty Name 195.90-170.36 7-0 Won 7 First 1,445.06
Team Points Against Rank Differential What If?
Green Bay Gamblers 808.75 Fourth -4 Finally!!!!!
Sterling Sharpe 697.07 Fourth -2 Foster’s late TD sealed it!
Brc 958 Third Even Need to start choosing the right QB!
Snuffleupagus 926 Third +1 Victory!
TR’s Peepers 772.06 First -5 Wrong rookie: Needed Watkins over Cooks.
Pangaea 1,727 Eighth -2 High score of the week!
Valley Forge 629.2 Last (10) Even Not even competitive.
GBG 534 Ninth (Tie) +2 Romo over Ryan gives me the win.
Fuzzy Dunlop 1,088 Third +1 Five in a row, baby!
The Taco Stand 922.90 Last (12) Even When is Megatron coming back?
Unironic Witty Name 1,220.74 Second +1 Taking it week-by-week!

Week 7 record: 9-3. Overall: 43-40-1 (.519)

Still Unbeaten: Unironic Witty Name

As for my point total it was nearly identical to Week 4:

Week 7: 1,608.5
Week 6: 1,544.1
Week 5: 1,486.2
Week 4: 1,609.1
Week 3: 1,181.3
Week 2: 1,391.1
Week 1: 1,677.6

My best ever Week 7 has put me back on track (though still quite far behind previous teams) historically:

2014: 9-3 (43-40-1, .519)
2013: 8-4 (53-31, .646)
2012: 7-5 (48-36, .571)
2011: 7-5 (52-32, .619)

And now for some hardware:

Player of the Week: Demaryius Thomas. Desperately needing a victory in my most coveted league, Lambeau Field, the Denver Broncos wideout caught eight balls for 171 yards and two touchdowns—including Peyton Manning’s record-breaker to pass Brett Favre on the all-time touchdowns list—to secure a much needed 91.64-78.29 victory. His 28 fantasy points were a team high.

Goat of the Week: Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard. Projected to score 12.69 points, he only netted me 1.60 on just 16 totals yards (17 rushing and an ignominious negative one yard through the air). Much more is expected from a top running back and if I were to assign blame to one player for TR’s Peepers defeat it would land squarely on his shoulders.

Team of the Week: Pangaea. Finally playing as I envisioned they would, they put up a league high 163 points—netting me a $10 bonus—behind a true team effort. Only the kicker failed to reach double digits while two positions (Green Bay Packers team quarterback and Denver tailback Ronnie Hillman) topped 30 points and two others (Jamaal Charles and Randall Cobb) eclipsed the 20 point mark. Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (18), Arizona Cardinals wideout Michael Floyd (13), and the Packers defense (11) also played valuable roles in two big wins.

Pure Genius: No need to single any one move out; quite pleased with my nine wins this week.

What was I thinking?!: Sound decision making throughout all 11 teams, but if I have to choose one I’d say starting the wrong rookie wideout, opting for New Orleans’ Brandin Cooks over Buffalo’s Sammy Watkins. The 21.90 between their production easily would have surpassed the 8.02 margin of TR’s Peepers defeat.

Trade of the Week:


Pickup(s) of the Week: Running backs dominated this list as in two leagues each I picked up Travaris Cadet, Denard Robinson, and Tre Mason. Coming off their shutout of the Cincinnati Bengals I also added the Indianapolis Colts defense in a couple of leagues.

Drop(s) of the Week: New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas and Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller were both given their pink slips in two leagues.

Lambeau Field update: At last! After consistently posting robust numbers—nearly all in triple digits—and losing the Green Bay Gamblers produced a lackluster effort (a mere 91.64 points) in Week 7 yet managed to pull out an essential win, mercifully ending a historic five week run of crushing losses. Demaryius Thomas led the way but Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte also netted 23 points and Kansas City Chiefs tailback Jamaal Charles added another 12. Thanks to consistent season-long point production the win vaulted me into the last playoff spot, as I have the most points among the five teams tied with identical 2-5 records.

And Then There Were Nine

Stay alive and advance: that’s my mantra for the Survival Pool, now entering its 11th season. To pay tribute to the most drama-filled fantasy sport of them all—and by far the most popular of my gambits—I will provide a weekly update of this terrific enterprise. For those unfamiliar this is how it works: You pick one NFL team every week. If they win, you stay in. If they lose, you’re out. You cannot pick the same team twice.

We started with 66 entries—with six not paying the booty is $1,200 for a modest $20 pay-in—and 17 teams were eliminated in Week 1, 11 in Week 2, one in Week 3, 11 in Week 4, four in Week 5, and 10 in Week 6. Week 7’s selections looked like this:

Most Popular (Successful) Choice: New England (5)
Most Popular (Unsuccessful) Choice: Seattle (4)

Least Popular (Successful) Choice: Buffalo and Denver (1)
Least Popular (Unsuccessful) Choice: No Pick (1)

Two others correctly chose host Baltimore to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.

With 10 more being eliminated, after seven weeks were are down to just nine eligible for the booty.


Follow my (increasingly arduous) quest for fantasy football dominance—including the highs and lows of such a dynamic and distressing hobby—on Twitter: @nicholasjonwood.

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