Postmortem: Fuzzy Dunlop

With Opening Day of the fantasy baseball season just 24 sleeps away, I figured now is the perfect time to put a bittersweet bow on the recently completed fantasy football campaign.

For those of you unfamiliar with my series of postmortems, I’ve found it a key method to look back on a season dispassionately and fairly. Also if I didn’t win the championship, it’s an ideal method to figure out what I need to do better next season to come home with the booty.

In keeper leagues, it also helps me focus more intently on my long-term general manager duties. It also provides a nice compliment to my weekly wraps.

So, without further ado, my first postmortem from the 2015 fantasy football season:

I can’t believe Fuzzy Dunlop (pop culture reference, anyone?) is the first team I’m psychoanalyzing this season. Long one of my favorite leagues—how can you not love a scoring system that rewards you with two points for every reception?—I was determined this was the year I finally finished back on top.

And I had the draft to prove it. Yahoo! grade? A+! I also had the best regular season of any of the 12 teams, finishing with the most points. And yet . . . I somehow was not one of the six teams to make the playoffs. This year’s incarnation of Fuzzy Dunlop is exactly why fantasy football is so damn frustrating!

The particulars:

Team Name: Fuzzy Dunlop
Record: 5-8 (9 of 12)
Points: 2,376 (1 of 12)Standings
History: Eleventh season
Championships: One (2005)
(Other) Top 3 Finishes: Second (2011, 2007, 2006), Third (2012, 2010)
Previous Year Results: Fourth in 2014 and 2008, eleventh in 2013 and 2009
Previous Postmortems: 2013All-Time

Can’t believe I was 2-1 at one point as the whole season just never felt right. Here is how I performed week-by-week:













As alluded to above I received a sterling A+ for my draft class, tied for tops in the league:Draft Results











Best Pick: Julio Jones (503 fantasy points for my first round pick)
Best Value: Danny Woodhead (291 for a seventh)Stats

Worst Pick: DeVante Parker (My 10th round pick never got a start for me and produced only 116 fantasy points)
Worst Value: Randall Cobb (275 for a second)

Surprisingly I consummated no trades and made just 15 moves—all signs I was very happy with the team I drafted:


Smartest Move: Picking Jordan Reed off waivers on October 28. He played nine games for me, catching 52 balls for 602 yards and eight touchdowns. Minus two for a lost fumble, he produced a remarkable 210 points for Fuzzy Dunlop, a ridiculous average of 23.33 per game.

Dumbest Move: Probably got rid of Eagles running back Darren Sproles a bit too early, cutting ties with him on October 14. Thing was I really really wanted Brandon LaFell of the Patriots. Don’t think it cost me a playoff spot as my two starting running backs—the drafted T.J. Yeldon and the acquired-after-Jamaal-Charles-got-hurt Charcandrick West—were very solid. But if I had to choose one error in management that would be it.

Here’s how everyone performed when they suited up for Fuzzy:Team Log

Unsung Hero: Danny Woodhead. Perfect player for a two point per reception league that gives one point for just 10 yards receiving but also one for every 20 yards rushing.

Entry Fee: $50 (USD)

Turning Point: Week 10. From the This Week in Fantasy Football archive:

‘(Heartbreaking) Team of the Week: Fuzzy Dunlop. My opponent played Ben Roethlisberger—who, mind you, didn’t even start in his own real game—and thanks to an early injury to the real Steelers starter busts lose for 30 fantasy points—exactly 30 more than projected. His final margin of fantasy victory? Three points. I really can’t make this shit up.’Turning Point

Tale of the Championship Tape or (How My Draft Compared to the Eventual Winner):

Draft ResultsDraft Results (Winner)











                            Lesson Learned: I honestly can’t take too much away from a season where my draft grade was so lauded and I finished with the most points in a 12-team league. An extremely disappointing campaign to be sure.


Opening Day is fast approaching! For everything you want to know leading up to the baseball season—not to mention 140-character reviews on the best movies currently in the theatre and more fantasy football postmortems—please follow me on Twitter: @nicholasjonwood.

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