Postmortem: Brc

In my nearly two decades playing fantasy football, I have never had a team suffer so many bad breaks. My coveted first round pick, Le’Veon Bell, was lost for the season after not even playing six whole games. Ditto for Arian Foster.

This fact successfully sums up the season: Not one of my top six selections—Bell, Matt Forte, Ben Roethlisberger, Julian Edelman, Foster or Sammy Watkins—played in every game and all were out for multiple contests.

Editor’s Note: In case you missed my first two postmortems of the 2015 fantasy football campaign, both Sterling Sharpe and Fuzzy Dunlop are set to be read. All past autopsies are also online, as are all 17 of this season’s weekly wraps.

The 411:

Team Name: Brc
Record: 5-9 (10 of 12)
Points: 1,880 (9 of 12)Standings

History: Eleventh season
Championships: One (2004)
(Other) Top 3 Finishes: Second (2007)
Previous Year Results: Fourth (of 12) in 2008, fifth in 2011, 2010, and 2009, sixth in 2014, seventh in 2013 and tenth in 2012 and 2006
Previous Postmortems: 2013All-Time

And to think the season started off so promising . . . :












Draft Grade: B+ (tops in the league!)

Draft Results












Best Pick: Le’Veon Bell (Crushed he didn’t make it through the season but I would still choose him number one overall in this league next year.)
Best Value: Tyler Lockett (210 points for a ninth round pick)Stats

Worst Pick:
Austin Seferian-Jenkins (played just one game for me, catching two balls for 29 yards for a whopping four fantasy points! Oy.)
Worst Value: Brandon LaFell (82 fantasy points in 11 games played for a 10th round selection)

Just 27 adds/drops this season:

Transactions (Redux)

Transactions (Reprise)

Smartest Move: Picking Washington (insert racist mascot here) wide receiver DeSean Jackson up as a free agent on Oct. 28. In eight games he put up 104 fantasy points, an average of 13 per game, on 30 catches for 528 yards, four touchdowns and one lost fumble. (Derrick Carr was also a sage signing.)

Dumbest Move: Drafting too many fragile players? Nah. Just bad luck that so many of my top picks went down. I loved my draft then and I love it now.

Here’s how everyone performed when they suited up for Brc:Team Log
Team Log (Redux)

Unsung Hero(s): Both Carr and Joe Flacco filled in very admirably when Roethlisberger was sidelined with myriad injuries.

Entry Fee: $33 (USD)

Turning Point: Turning Point

Week 6 was a killer. I entered the matchup feeling pretty good with a 3-2 mark and favored by 32 points. I ended the weekend with a four point defeat and no Arian Foster—from both of which I never recovered. After the collapse I lost four straight games, making a postseason visit highly unlikely.

Tale of the Championship Tape or (How My Draft Compared to the Eventual Winner):

Draft ResultsDraft Results (Winner)









WellyWorld’s squad—draft grade: B—is a perfect example of a guy (in this case Russell Wilson) getting hot at the right time to carry the entire team. A season well played.

Lesson Learned: My elite players stay healthy and I definitely make the playoffs and am a very tough out. No regrets.


Opening Day is nigh! For everything you want to know leading up to the baseball season—not to mention 140-character reviews on the best movies currently in the theatre and more fantasy football postmortems—please follow me on Twitter: @nicholasjonwood.

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