Postmortem: The Taco Stand

Four teams. Four drafts rated best in the league. Four missed playoffs. If that doesn’t properly sum up the agony of fantasy football then words simply won’t due.

Not only did I have the best draft but in free agency I picked up such luminaries as the Carolina and Denver defense early in the season—they finished third and fourth in fantasy scoring—DeAngelo Williams (to replace a fallen Le’Veon Bell) and Ben Roethlisberger to back up Tom Brady. All of this helped me end the regular season second in points.

But outside of the top six and shut out from the postseason The Taco Stand finished.

Editor’s Note: In case you missed my first three postmortems of the 2015 fantasy football campaign, Brc, Sterling Sharpe and Fuzzy Dunlop are set to be read. All previous years’ autopsies are also online, as are all 17 of this season’s weekly wraps.

The 411:

Team Name: The Taco Stand
Record: 6-7 (7 of 12)
Points: 1,938.58 (2 of 12)Standings

History: Fourth season
Championships: One (2012)
(Other) Top 3 Finishes: Third in 2014 and 2013
Previous Postmortems:

The epitome of an up-and-down season:Schedule












Draft Grade: A (tops in the league—again!)












Best Pick: Tom Brady (Started all 16 games for me and produced a ridiculous 451.70 fantasy points, an average of 28.23 per week. Oh and I got him in the sixth round!)
Best Value: Tyler Eifert (Eleventh round selection that tallied 52 receptions for 615 yards and 13 scores, all but four of those catches, 51 of those yards and a single touchdown with him in my starting lineup. His 194.50 total points are astounding for such a low pick.)


Worst Pick: Melvin Gordon III (only started four games for me, producing a paltry 182 yards rushing and a mere 76 receiving on 12 catches. And as has been well-documented, he failed to a score a touchdown the entire season and he lost two fumbles while donning The Taco Stand jersey.)

Worst Value: C.J. Spiller (him again! He only played one game for me, in which he accumulated a grand total of 16 yards with just a single catch. Hideous for a seventh round pick in a PPR league.)

I consummated 23 transactions throughout the year:Transactions Transactions (Redux)

Smartest Move: I was very successful in my free agent and waiver additions—nabbing the Broncos defense in mid-September and Williams off waivers to replace Bell after he went down injured—but I’d say my smartest move was my very first: scooping up the Panthers D before they first stepped foot on the field. They finished fourth in fantasy points, just behind Denver, averaging 11.44 points per fantasy contest.

Dumbest Move: Nary a regret.

Here’s how everyone performed when they suited up for The Taco Stand:

Team LogTeam Log (Redux)Unsung Hero: Though I predicted as much—hence me using a fifth round pick on him—Oakland Raiders rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper was sublime. He played in all 16 games, catching 72 passes for 1,070 yards and six touchdowns, losing only one fumble in the process.

His 228.7 fantasy points (14.29 per) were great production for his draft slot.

Entry Fee: $50 (USD)

Turning Point: Turning Point

From the Week 11 archives:

‘(Heartbreaking) Team of the Week: The Taco Stand. Everything was set up perfectly for a huge win and likely playoff berth. Down 131.64-86 at the kickoff of Monday Night Football, I was predicted to win handily: 143.30-131.64. But not in cold and rainy Foxborough with no one (not the Patriots, Bills or the officials) on their game. It was not to be. Tom Brady underperformed by 12.42 points, Brandon LaFell 3.45, and LeGarrette Blount 7.65. The devastating loss drops me down to seventh place, one spot out of the postseason.’

That one night summed up The Taco Stand’s entire season.

Tale of the Championship Tape or (How My Draft Compared to the Eventual Winner):

Capture Draft Results (Winner)









                                                                                      Chandler received a B and besides doing well drafting the child abusing Peterson, probably won the league by his fifth (Brandon Marshall), eleventh (Carson Palmer) and thirteenth (Jordan Reed) round selections. Good on him.

Lesson Learned: Had the best draft, was awesome in free agency (especially once I got the top waiver priority—I was last to begin the season—and saved it to prevent against a cataclysmic injury, which just so happened to Le’Veon Bell. Getting DeAngelo Williams to replace him was critical); and finished with the second most points. Sometimes life ain’t fair. It rarely is in fantasy football.


Opening Day is nigh! For everything you want to know leading up to the baseball season—not to mention 140-character reviews on the best movies currently in the theatre and more fantasy football postmortems—please follow me on Twitter.

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