The First Sixteen

In a run-up to my favorite annual blog post, The Year in Movies, I thought it germane (and of course oh so fun!) to take a chronological trip down memory lane to see how we got to this moment in cinematic history.

First up, ranking the very odd slate—usually a mishmash of over-budget, sure-to-disappoint Hollywood fare; silly horror movies; video game adaptations; and at least one of every other genre—of post-Oscar films.

And this year there were some doozies! In fact this three month span fortuitously included two of the best action movies in recent memory, a couple hilarious comedies, two saturated in classic British mirth, one underrated spot-on-topical thriller and very possibly the worst literary adaptation of all time.

Without further ado here is a best-to-worst ranking of the 16 movies I saw from the telecast of the Academy Awards until the end of May here in Melbourne.

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints was the only one of these I did not see in the theatre. This film came out in 2013 and stars Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara and Ben Foster.

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“I don’t think Jesus gives out wedding rings.”

“Is James Bond famous?” (a son to his mother)

And two previously unpublished blasts from the past:

Older (surly?) gentleman: ‘Walk faster’

Me: ‘I’m trying’

Older (definitely surly!) gentleman: ‘Well you are not doing good enough.’

(En route to a Caps playoff game.)

And surprisingly not a reference to the—at the time—yet unpublished The Hopefuls:

“Look: If I am going to be here, I think everybody should just have to move to D.C.”

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