The Second Quarter

The first installment of my look back through the films of 2016 featured, aptly, 16 reviews of movies I saw between the Oscar telecast and the end of May. Three films—Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool and Eye in the Sky—all have a great shot in being included in my prestigious year-end best pictures and one (Allegiant) is currently the odds-on-favorite to be at the opposite end of the cinematic spectrum.

Now it’s time to cover the summer months, June through August, as we move inexorably toward naming the best movie of the past year.

This odd mélange features a charming Kiwi indie, a fine literary adaptation, three uproarious comedies, one magic show, a thriller and a near-flawless biopic:

Confirmation can be seen on the HBO GO app. It’s a can’t miss!

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 . . . around my old office:

“My mum is going to grow a beard. She’s actually quite upset about it. But she’s old. And morbidly obese. Of course I didn’t say that aloud, though I did start calling her ‘Whiskers.’”

“Was he on the bottom or the top?”

“The bottom.”

“Alzheimer’s would be pretty fun, though, I reckon.”

“I need to Google how to use a gift card on Amazon.”

“And I’ve got to get my nose fixed up again!”

“Imagine having a single door fridge these days.”

“Oooh! It doesn’t say they are in a relationship!

. . . one second later . . .

They are NOT in a relationship! Fuck yeah!”

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