Penultimate Pictures

With most Oscar-caliber films not coming out here in Oz until after the new year, these seven films that I saw between the beginning of September and the end of December are mostly action movies with a smattering of Woody Allen, Kate Beckinsale and yet another brilliant film version of a John le Carré novel:

And don’t forget to catch up on the other iterations—‘The Second Quarter’ and ‘The First Sixteen’—of this piece before the always amazing year-end best pictures is released anon.

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 . . . on gender assumptions and stereotypes:

“It’s hard to tell because all Latin men look gay.”

“So my brother went to this spa in New York and didn’t realize it was a gay hangout . . .”

“Lesbians make me so nervous.”

“. . . a brother and sister hooking up.”

“Please tell me this was a reference to Game of Thrones!”

“I always wanted to be a man.”

“I’m 50 percent gay.”

. . . and more from my former place of employment:

“Oh I got my birds on Gumtree!”

“’I just think it happens when you are Asian.”

“No. I’m not giving you any more dresses. You just use them as pillows.”

“’If I licked myself I would just smell.”

(Same) American colleague:

“Didn’t you tell me you were in love?”



“Why are guys always rubbing on each other at work?”

“. . . and I can’t stop. Especially when I drink.”

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